How to Easily Remove Stickers From Your Car

man removing stickers from his windshield with a razor blade

How To Remove Stickers From Your Car Windows

We all love to stick things to our car windows for one reason or another. Sometimes we want to voice our opinions for the public to see. Or maybe we are required to have a sticker on our car for work or home purposes. Whatever the situation may be, eventually we need to remove stickers from our vehicle, and that can be easier said than done. Unfortunately, that is sometimes easier said than done. Low-quality stickers can come with strong adhesives but poor paper strength. Resulting in a sticker that causes endless frustration and scraping when you try to remove it.

Like most things in life, it is easier to work smarter rather than harder. So we have gone through and reviewed some of the best sticker removal options. Making your next window sticker removal a breeze.

Home Remedy

razor blade to remove stickers

The best home remedy when trying to remove an old stuck on sticker is the trusty Razor Blade. A razor blade won’t scratch your glass but it will peel away any old sticker glue and residue. Making it easy to clean off your glass. If you want to loosen the glue you can try applying some soapy water to a towel or you can try some of our glass cleaner recommendations.

Then hold it against the residue rubbing in a circular motion. Once the soapy water has penetrated what is left of the sticker, go in and scrape off the remainder with a razor blade. This is the easiest most cost-effective way to remove any old stickers from your car windshield or window.

Note that a razor blade is safe for use on glass but is not very safe for use on car paint, as a slight misstep can cause permanent damage to the paint. That being said if you have a new car and you want to get that pesky dealership logo off then a razor blade does work extremely well. Just be careful!

Best for Tough Window Sticker Removals

goo gone sticker removal spray gel

When you have an exceptionally stubborn sticker it may require the help of a more industrial adhesive remover. This is where Goo Gone Automotive comes in. This product has been around for years and is one of the top-selling products for sticker and adhesive removal.

They even made an automotive-specific product that is safe for car glass, paint, plastic, and rims. This can be used to remove stickers, tar, road grime, or almost anything else that might get stuck to your car. You don’t need to worry about overspray harming your paint or your car’s interior as it is completely safe for automotive use.

The best combination for those impossible glass stickers is to use goo gone as a dissolvent. And then after it has had time to penetrate the adhesive you can scrape it off with a razor blade.

Sticker Shield

sticker shield for sticker transfer and reapplication

The Sticker Shield was invented so that people could have a way to easily remove and reapply stickers. It solves the problem of getting a sticker off of your car window before it even happens!

This patented clear film adheres to the front of your sticker. You then place the sticker, with the front side facing out, to the inside of your car window. This allows the sticker to be clearly visible without being exposed to all the weather conditions that will fade and degrade it over time. The clear film is invisible once pressed up against the glass. It holds better than cling film which suffers from premature curling due to heat and sunlight damage. And it is safe for all tint and defroster strips.

Once applied to the window the sticker can be peeled off cleanly and reapplied many times over. Never requiring any messy cleanup after you remove stickers.