The Best and Safest Car Window Paints [2023]

Girl Writing on a Car Window With Window Paint

Why Picking the Right Car Window Paint is Important

Drawing or painting on car windows is a really fun way to express yourself, show appreciation for others or just get a message out. The problem is that car window paint sometimes doesn’t work as advertised and they carry the risk of not wiping off, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damages. This happened to me in college when someone wrote a message about the football game on my back windshield.

This was all fun and games until it rained the next day and the car window paint from the back windscreen ran off onto the paint on my vehicle. There, no matter how hard I scrubbed those light pink stains remained on my white car until the day I sold it. I’ll never forget that moment. So to save you from a tragic story like this I have compiled a list of the best car paint pens and markers that you can use without worry.

If you’re looking for a way to remove the car window paint when you are done then you may enjoy our article on the best car glass cleaning tools.

What You Want From a Good Car Window Paint!

  • Colors that are bright and bold so they’re easy to see
  • Must not wash off in the rain
  • Car window paint must be easy to remove
  • Not bake on in the sun
  • Be safe for car paint just in case!


Best Overall

Auto Writer Car Paint Marker Pens

The winner for best overall car window paint is the Auto Writer Car Paint Marker Pens. These pens are created specifically to write on cars and that’s what they’re best at. They come in both a large and fine-tipped option with a ton of colors to choose from. This car window paint also works on Mirrors, Paint, Rims, and Tires.

They can stay on through a rain shower so you don’t have to worry about your message coming off while you’re gone. But the paint wipes off easily with just a damp cloth so no big messy clean-up. They are also safe for kids and your vehicle’s paint because they are non-toxic and solvent-free.

These paint pens are our favorite pick because they check every single box for what we want from a good car window paint.

They also made it into the #1 spot because they specifically advertise these pens and being able to withstand a rain shower and as being safe for your vehicle’s paint. While others might be able to do this as well, these guys were bold enough to create a product that can actually make the claim.

Budget Pick

Chroma Graphics 4pk Window Markerz

When it comes to writing on your vehicle with car window paint I wouldn’t recommend going the cheap route. After all, you are decoration one of your biggest personal investments right?

While this is true the Chroma Graphics 4pk Window Markerz gives you the option to get super affordable car window paint that is still safe for your vehicle.

The Window Markerz are Amazon’s bestseller and come in 4 color variety pack with White, Red, Blue, and Yellow. It comes with a large 15mm tip. They are safe for the outside of your car windows but not the inside so be aware.

They are rain resistant so no need to worry about some light showers, but they still come off easily with a damp cloth. Safe for kids they are non-toxic with bold colors.

You may need to go over the letters with a couple of coats when using these but for the price, they can’t be beaten. It should be noted that these car window paint pens are one of the few that actually advertise the ability to withstand a rain shower and they deserve some credit for that.

Best Neon Window Paint

Moodclue Liquid Chalk Markers

When you need your design to pop the best liquid chalk car window paint is the Moodclue Liquid Chalk Markers. This is a pack of 6 Neon Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, White, and Yellow Markers that are guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye.

At an extremely affordable price and with amazing reviews these markers are quick drying with bold vibrant colors. These are kid-friendly non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly markers that won’t stain skin or clothes.

They will write on any non-porous surface including windows and mirrors. But although they advertise the use of this car window paint on any non-porous surface.

They do not explicitly say that they are safe on vehicle paint. So I would suggest keeping this only on the car’s windows and mirrors just to be safe. They also do not advertise as being rainproof so although they should be okay, make sure you keep an eye on the weather.

Best Chisel Tip & Fine Tipped Window Marker

 Fantastic ChalkTastic Chalk Markers and Window Paint

For the one marker that can do it all, you need the Fantastic ChalkTastic Chalk Markers. This is a pack of 8 neon car window paint markers.

They are a safe non-toxic liquid chalk that works on all non-porous surfaces. What makes them stand out though is the fact that each pen is double-sided. One side has a thick chisel tip for large lines and the other side is a fine tip for detail.

They also advertise a capacity that will outmatch any other car window paint pen. So you don’t have to worry about running out of ink before you finish your masterpiece.

The neon colors will jump off the glass but clean up easily with a simple wipe from a wet or dry cloth. But be aware these are not specifically advertised as rainproof or safe for car paint. So we suggest you keep it on the windows or mirrors.

Best Fine Tipped Pen

Chalkola Chalk Markers

If you are a true artist where extreme detail and precision are the keys to standing out from the crowd, then you need Chalkola Chalk Markers.

These car window paint pens work well on glass, mirrors, frames, ceramic, and more. They come in a pack of 10 colors so you have everything you need to make a truly amazing and unique work of art. And they boast a 1mm thick tip.

This is the finest tip of any window paint we could find.

With vibrant and bold ink colors these markers will stand out on glass but luckily not on you or your clothes. Safe, odorless, and non-toxic this car window paint is kid-friendly and washable. Meaning they remove easily from skin and clothes.

These are also advertised as safe for use on any non-porous surface. But they do not mention anything specifically about being rain resistant. So avoid car paint and use it with caution if you have inclement weather in the area.

Best Wide Tipped Marker

Jumbo Chalkola Marker and windshield paint pen

When you need to cover a large area quickly you need a car window paint with a very large tip. This is why they made the Jumbo Chalkola Marker. With a rectangular writing tip, this marker can draw massive lines when using the long side. Medium-sized lines when using the short side and fine lines when writing with just the corner.

That makes this pen extremely versatile for whatever your needs may be. Because this car window paint has a jumbo tip they have also upgraded the ink reservoir to hold 28 grams of ink. About 4 times the capacity of your average window marker.

With this behemoth, you’ll be able to fill the canvas with no problem and still have the ink you need to go again. This is not specifically advertised as rainproof or safe for car paint so use with caution.

Demonstration of different ways to use a paint pen

Things to Know Before You Start Painting!

  • Get consent from the owner of the vehicle
  • Make sure that your window or mirrors are clean
  • Check to make sure you’re only writing on the appropriate surfaces for your type of paint, you don’t want it to become permanent!
  • Check the weather or make sure that your paint is rainproof
  • Never use car window markers on a vehicles paint unless it specifically states that it is safe

How to Remove Stuck On Window Paint

Window paint is usually easily removed with a damp cloth. However, if it has sat out in the sun for a long time occasionally it can become baked on. If this happens let some soapy water sit on the paint for a minute. Then grab a Razor Blade Scraper and you can begin peeling off the car window paint. Below is a quick instructional video on exactly how to remove stuck-on window paint.