The Best Windshield Wipers for the Heat [2023]

windshield wipers running on a sunny day

Why a Heat Resistant Windshield Wiper is Important

Windshield Wipers in the Heat! Good functioning windshield wipers are a necessity for safe driving. But if you live in a state with extreme heat sometimes you don’t realize that they have gone bad until it is too late. If you catch yourself out in a thunderstorm with windshield wipers that have dried out and cracked from the summer heat you could potentially put yourself and others in a very dangerous situation. Fix this by getting windshield wipers that can withstand the heat better! And drive safe knowing the no matter when you need them your windshield wipers will be there to work for you!

Important Features of a Heat Resistant Windshield Wiper

Windshield wipers are an important part of safe driving. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked and this can be very dangerous. Nothing feels worse than being caught driving in the rain and realizing that your windshield wipers have gone bad. One of the major reasons that windshield wipers fail is due to temperature extremes. Just as we have covered the best windshield wipers to use in the winter we will now cover the best windshield wipers to use in the summer heat!

The Blade

Unlike it the cold, you don’t need to worry about snow accumulation on the frame or ice getting into the housing and making it rigid. For the heat, it is all about getting the best blade material possible. The blade sits against the hot windshield all day getting soft from the extreme temperatures, drying out the rubber. This drying out coupled with UV degradation will eventually cause cracks in the blade. These cracks allow water to slip through and will eventually give you a windshield wiper that streaks.

In order to prevent this, you need a blade that can withstand these temperatures and UV light extremes. That is why in a good windshield wiper for the heat, you need a wiper with a silicone compound blade. Silicone is proven to handle heat better than standard rubber blades and gives you a much longer lifespan as well. These blades won’t dry out and crack due to exposure.


Best Overall

PIAA aero vogue windshield wiper

The best windshield wiper for the summer heat is the PIAA Aero Vogue Wiper Blade. This windshield wiper is made with a blade that is a patented strip of pure silicone. That gives it the ability to last two times longer than other premium blades. This is because it is extremely resistant to UV and heat damage.

The silicone blade also applies a water-resistant silicone coating to your glass as it slides over your windshield. This coating is hydrophobic meaning that it repels water. Giving you a water repellent coating that you don’t have to apply by hand but instead is reapplied every time you use your windshield wipers.

As an added bonus when it is time to replace the blade you don’t have to replace the whole assembly you can just purchase a new silicone blade and swap it in saving you about 70% off your original cost!

Premium Pick

bosch icon windshield wiper

The Bosch Icon is one of the top-rated windshield wipers on the market. That is because it is made by a company that caters to those who are willing to spend a little more for good quality and design. The Bosch Icon wiper blades are made with a special rubber silicone blend.

This blend makes the wipers last 40% longer than other premium windshield wipers. These wipers last so long because the patented rubber blend used is the blade is extremely resistant to heat, UV light, and ozone degradation. This transfers into an exceptional ability to handle any high heat environment. This wiper can sit much more comfortably on a hot windshield than its competitors without worrying about drying out or cracking.

Budget Pick

aero windshield wiper

Aero Windshield Wipers are some of the best-priced windshield wipers that you can buy. They are usually about half the price of other premium windshield wipers. But they come from a brand that supplies the windshield wipers for some of the biggest car brands in the world. This means that they are not only reliable but they are consistently good quality and long-lasting.

Aero makes their windshield wiper blades from a rubber silicone blend. This makes them capable of handling the high summer heat with ease. This special silicone rubber blend keeps these wipers from drying and cracking out. The biggest problem windshield wipers in the heat can face. On top of that, these wiper blades have a single beam design to keep even pressure across the windshield. As well as a spoiler for better performance in the wind. This spoiler also acts like a shield blocking the wipers from direct sunlight.

When it comes to windshield wipers on a budget that can still maintain the same performance as some of their premium competitors, Aero is the way to go. If you’re interested in budget windshield wiper then you may enjoy our article on the best windshield wipers for the money.