The Best Car Windshield Snow Covers [2023]

windshield snow cover

Why Picking the Right Windshield Snow Cover is Important

Few things can ruin a morning, or make you late for work as easily as misjudging how long it is going to take you to sweep and de-ice your windshield! It’s not only a giant hassle but it can be really difficult sometimes. To make your life a little easier and a little more predictable we have reviewed some of the best windshield snow covers on the market today. Wading through tons of snow covers and multiple categories we have found what we believe to be the best options. No matter what kind of windshield snow cover you’re looking for.

Advantages of Using a Windshield Snow Cover

Time Saver

When you are using a windshield snow cover there is no more worrying about being late because you misjudged how long it would take you to scrape your windshield. As long as you use the cover, all it will take is pulling it off and throwing it into the trunk and you’ll be on your way. This will save you massive amounts of time, leaving you to focus on what’s really important in your day.

Repels Snow

A windshield snow cover won’t prevent snow from falling on your car, but it will make it extremely easy to remove. No matter how much snow is on the cover all you have to do is grab the side and pull it over. This will remove all of the snow, revealing a clean windshield every time.

Repels Ice

No more standing out in the cold, getting the scraper and digging away at a sheet of frozen ice for minutes on end. These windshield snow covers protect your glass against ice and frost meaning you’ll never have to brush or scrape your windshield again.

Glass Protection

Not only does a snow cover protect against the obvious snow and ice. It will also protect your glass against falling debris, bird droppings, and the dreaded ice scraper you’d have to use if you didn’t have the cover.

Windshield Wiper Protection

A good windshield snow cover can also protect and extend the lifespan of your car’s windshield wipers. They do this by either covering them completely so that they don’t have snow and ice accumulating on the fragile rubber blades. Or by placing the blades on top of the cover keeping them from freezing to your glass.

Different Types of Snow Covers


Snow covers generally come in three different styles. There is universal, semi-custom, and fully custom. The universal style is built large so it is able to cover any type of windshield. The semi-custom cover will give a couple of different size options to better match your vehicle. But the fully custom is built just for your car. Matching the year, make, and model, fully covering your windshield without any excess or exposure.


Snow covers are meant to guard you against the harsh weather of winter. Meaning how your snow cover is secured to your car so that it doesn’t blow away is very important. Most snow covers leave extra fabric on each side of the cover that can be closed in the door. This not only holds the snow cover securely against your car windshield but it also prevents it from theft.

Other covers may use strong magnets that secure the snow cover to your hood at the bottom and your roof at the top. These magnets are covered in a soft non-abrasive material so that they don’t scratch your car’s finish.

Other brands will use the above-mentioned methods but supplement them with a strap that goes from the bottom edge of each side of the cover and connects to your front wheel wells. This holds both ends of your snow cover securely in place.


Most snow covers just cover the windshield to keep off snow and ice but some go a bit further. There are many snow covers that will incorporate bags or extra sleeves to cover your side mirrors from frost as well. They also make car covers that cover the front half of the vehicle so that you get protection from snow and ice on your windshield, mirrors, and front passenger windows. The most coverage available comes in the form of a cover that blankets the entire top half of your car. This is a little bit more cumbersome to apply but it means that you will never have to worry about scraping ice off of any surface of your car again.


Some brands offer a dual-sided solution that allows you to use your snow cover even in the winter. They will usually make one side that attracts heat to the glass. This helps ensure that snow and ice don’t build up on your windshield. But during the summer you can reverse the snow cover and a UV heat rejecting material will shade the inside of your car from the sun, keeping it cooler.

Things to Consider Before Buying


The price point of your snow cover matters a lot. If you have more money to spend you can get a cover that is a better fit. One that is waterproof and is held more securely in place. There are many cheap universal styles out there but they won’t work as well as a snow cover that has been made for your car.


You want your snow cover to fit your car like a glove. If the snow cover is too small then you will still end up with snow and ice on your windshield. It the snow cover is too big then it will catch wind and flap around potentially flying off or harming your paint.

Wiper Placement

Some snow covers have a flap that goes over the windshield wipers protecting them from UV damage, snow, and ice. Others are designed for the windshield wiper to sit on top of the cover. This keeps them from freezing to the glass but also helps holds the cover securely in place at the bottom.


How much of the car do you want to protect from snow and ice? They sell the classic cover that simply goes over your windshield. They make snow covers that extend out to cover your passenger side mirrors. As well as creating covers that cover the front half or the entire length of your car. Whichever style you choose, think about what style will make your life as easy as possible.


Best Overall

FrostGuard Plus Winter Windshield Snow Cover

The best windshield snow cover we could find was without a doubt the FrostGuard Plus Winter Windshield Snow Cover. This was one of the cheapest covers, but it is incredibly durable and well thought through in its design. This cover is made with durable polyester and is backed with a layer of PVC to make it all-weather resistant.

This layer of PVC also ensures that the snow cover will never freeze to the glass. The polyester and PVC shell can handle snow, ice, rain, and frost. This cover features an extra-long bottom flap to cover your windshield wipers. This not only prolongs the life of your winter wiper blades. It also makes sure that they don’t freeze to your windshield.

The FrostGuard is held in place by two flaps that close into your driver’s side and passenger doors. These flaps hold the snow cover tight against your windshield and prevent theft. Frostguard actually gets some major bonus points here. Although closing two extra fabric flaps in the doors is the standard way to hold a snow cover in place. FrostGuard went above and beyond by sewing into the fabric a piece of round PVC that ensures that the fabric is not able to be pulled through the door jam. This brings a higher level of safety against both theft and extreme weather conditions.

For the price, you think all of this would be more than enough, but they also throw in two bags with cinched ends that will cover your mirrors. This way, when you come out of the house in the morning, your cover will have kept your windshield and mirrors, snow, and ice-free. 

Premium Pick

ntro-Tech Custom Fit Windshield Snow Shade

For only a few dollars more, you can upgrade to the Intro-Tech Custom Fit Windshield Snow Shade. This snow cover is cut specifically to fit your vehicle, ensuring that every square inch of your windshield is covered. It is built in a 4 layer design. The outer layer is a clear waterproof film, followed by a metallic thermal sheet to attract and hold heat. Then they added an industrial strength mesh liner for durability and a black PVC backing. The whole cover is encased in a UV resistant non-abrasive Velour sleeve. This makes sure that your glass and paint stay safe and unscathed no matter what the weather.

The Intro-Tech snow cover is held in place by a strap that connects both sides inside of the vehicle. You may notice that this snow cover does not have an extra flap to cover your windshield wipers. That is because since these covers are custom made for your vehicle, they are guaranteed to be the correct size so that your windshield wipers can actually sit on top of the cover without it bunching up. Using the tension of the wiper arm to hold the bottom of the cover in place. With all of this, Intro-tech gives you the option for a premium custom snow shield at a not so premium price. 

Best Universal Fit

OxGord universal windshield snow cover

The OxGord Windshield Snow Cover is a high-quality snow cover that still remains affordable. This snow cover is Amazon’s Choice and holds almost 2,000 glowing reviews. It is a one size fits most product that is made from heavy-duty 600D polyester. This snow cover can withstand water, snow, frost, slush, and ice, and it also has a built-in thermal shield to guard your vehicle’s windshield against frost. Ensuring that you come out to a clean, snow-free, ice-free windshield every morning.

This snow cover doesn’t use suction cups or magnets on your vehicle but rather closes in both doors. This not only protects it from blowing away but also from theft. They also have an option to buy a rear window snow cover with it if you would like. Eliminating one more window you’d have to clean before your ready to go

Budget Pick

KKTICK Car Windshield Cover

If you’re on a budget and just looking for a cheap snow cover that can keep you from having to scrape your windshield every morning, then the KKTICK Car Windshield Cover is the right choice for you. Although the price is phenomenally low, this product still retains high reviews and some features often seen on its more expensive counterparts.

For starters, this snow cover is held against your windshield in more ways than any other product we’ve seen. It has two flaps that close in the front doors. It has two straps that attach the bottom of the cover to the wheels. And the mirror covers are also attached to the main windshield cover. Yes, you heard correctly; our budget pick also has mirror covers. We told you it had some higher-end features. These covers also contain reflective strips to make your car more visible to others.

This snow cover is made with durable polyester and held firmly against the windshield so that it can block snow, ice, and rain. So with all of these amazing features, why wasn’t this our best overall pick? Well, because it’s a one size fits all design. So, although with all of the various methods to hold it to your car. It is not going to be quite as snug a fit for everyone as some of our more custom options.

Best Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover

Ice King Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover

The Ice King Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover is a universal one size fits all snow cover that uses ultra-powerful rare earth N52 Magnets in the edges to keep the exterior windshield cover in place on your vehicle. In conjunction with these magnets, the cover also has side flaps that lock into the doors like a traditional snow cover.

These are an extra safety measure against high winds as well as being used for theft prevention. The Ice King windshield snow cover measures a large 50″ by 70″ making sure that it can cover even the largest SUVs or Trucks, but if you’re not completely satisfied, it also comes with a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.

Best Half Car Snow Cover

Gloue windshield, mirror, and passenger window snow cover

This snow cover is unique because it covers the windshield as well as the passenger windows and the side mirrors. This product is the Gloue Car Windshield Snow Cover. This cover is held in place by bags that cover the side mirrors as well as straps that come down to connect to the front tires.

However, unlike a traditional snow cover that has flaps that close into the passenger doors to keep it snug against the windshield, this car can’t do that. Because it also covers the passenger doors, they had to instead opt for two more straps connected to the rear that extend down and latch onto your car’s rear tires.

This cover is also snow, ice, and rainproof. It too has reflective strips on the mirror and is a one size fits all design. So although the passenger doors being covered is definitely a nice touch, I would not expect a form-fitting cover. Additionally, since there are no flaps to close in the doors this snow cover has a higher risk of theft.

Best Full Car Snow Cover

Safe View Half Car Snow Cover

If you’re worried about snow and ice and want to protect not just your windshield but all of the glass on your vehicle, then you need the Safe View Full Car Snow Cover. As the name implies, this is a Waterproof, Windproof, Dust-proof, Windshield Cover. It comes in multiple sizes and covers from the roof all the way to the bottom of your car’s windows and makes sure to wrap around covering the side mirrors.

The cover is built with three layers of aluminum, flame retardant cotton, and a Coolmax Tyvek. It is built to withstand any weather from snow and ice in the winter, to the blister high UV heat in the summer. No matter what you come up against, you’ll be covered. This windshield snow cover also has straps that connect it to all 4 wheels allowing it to stay in place even in the windiest conditions.

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