The Best Windshield Ice Scrapers [2023]

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person using a blade to scrape the ice off of their windshield

What is an Ice Scraper?

Getting ice off of your car in the morning is one of the dreaded daily rituals of a northerner. But having the proper ice scraper can help a lot. An ice scraper is a device designed to quickly and efficiently allow you to clear snow and ice off of your windows without scratching your vehicle’s glass or paint. Ice scrapers come in many different shapes and styles. So finding the right one, that best fits your individual needs, is important.

If you don’t like to scrape ice then you may enjoy our article on the best ways to de-ice your windshield without scraping.

Different Types of Windshield Ice Scrapers

Blade Type

Ice scrapers can come with many different types of blades and they are not all equal. Most use plastic as it is strong enough not to break but pliable enough not the scratch your car. Plastic also works great because it is cheap. The second most common and probably the best is a brass blade.

Brass works well because brass is softer than glass so you never have to worry about accidentally scratching your windshield. They also work well because the blades are flimsy enough to slip under the ice and easily scrape it off of the windshield. The third type is metal and these should just be avoided. The risk of scratching your glass is too high and there are better options out there.


These scrapers come in many different lengths to make clearing snow and ice easy on any type of vehicle. Often they are retractable so they can store easily in your vehicle but not all are made this way.

Method of Cleaning

There are many different methods of clearing your windshield based on the type of ice scraper you choose. Some ice scrapers are just a blade made for clearing ice off of the glass. Some come as a combo blade and brush. This is convenient because the brush allows you to easily clear light snow off of your vehicle. If you are prone to heavier snow you may prefer a snow broom. This is essentially a big foam square attached to a stick that makes moving large amounts of snow off your car quick and easy.


The shape of the ice scraper is important. Some allow you to use two hands for extra force. Often this style will also come with two opposite facing blades that scrape on the forward and backward motion. Some are circular which gives them a greater surface area that can clean the windshield faster.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Ice Scraper


The volume of snowfall that you get in your area will be an important factor in which ice scraper will work best for you. If you just get a light frost then perhaps an ice scraper is all you need. If you get moderate snowfall then brush will make quick work of the job. But if you get extreme snowfall you are probably going to want to consider getting a full-sized broom. This is the only ice scraper that will really work efficiently to clear a whole vehicle of heavy snow.

Likewise, if you’re in an area that gets very heavy frost you may want to invest in a two-handed ice scraper so that you can get some extra leverage when scraping the glass. An ice scraper that has two opposite facing blades allows you to scrape on the forward and backward motion and helps clear away heavy ice faster.

Vehicle Size

If you have a small car that you can easily reach across then the smaller an item you can get the better. But if you are short or you have a very large vehicle then the length of your ice scraper is going to be important. Make sure you get one that will be able to clear your entire windshield. Hopefully, one that also the ability to collapse into something that can easily tuck away in your vehicle.


Some people simply don’t have the strength to scrape away large sheets of ice from their car’s windshield. If this is you then I would recommend two things. You could get a heated ice scraper that will melt the ice allowing you to easily scrape it away. Or you could start using a de-icing spray that also helps remove light snow and ice without you ever having to touch it.


Best Overall

Thor Ice Scraper

If your looking for a high-quality, easy to use ice scraper then look no further than the Thor Ice Scraper. This heavy-duty tool is well built and feels indestructible giving you the confidence that it can tackle any amount of snow or ice. It also has large handles on the front that let you really put some weight onto the scraper.

This particular product also has two opposite facing scrapers that allow you to remove ice when moving in both forward and backward motions. This cuts down on the amount of work you have to do significantly.

The scrapers also feature plastic that is hard enough to deal with ice without being so tough that you worry about scratching the windshield. While due to its unique design it might take up a little more room in your trunk than most, overall nothing will remove ice faster and more easily than the Thor Ice Scraper.

Best Ice Scraper with Snow Brush

Mallory 26” Snow Brush

The best ice scraper and snow brush combo on the market today is the Mallory 26” Snow Brush. This is a brush and scraper combo that is light, well built and feels good in your hand. The big foam grips also make this very easy to handle even with bulky gloves on.

This is perfect for lighter snow moving jobs where you don’t need a full snow broom. The brush head itself is a little over 12 inches long. It also features an unbreakable scraper on one end so you can get rid of ice build-up. This ice scraper is only 26” and it is quite thin so it can store easily in the trunk of your car.

Best Ice Scraper Cone

The Scraper Cone sitting on a snowy windshield

A rather new twist on the ice scraper has arrived dubbed The Magical Ice Scraper Cone. This was invented as a tool that works on the forward and backward motion. While the circular design covers more space inches per stroke than a traditional scraper. The Scraper Cone touts 18” of surface area. It also features an ice scraper on the top and a removable cap in case any liquids need to be added to the windshield while scraping.

From anecdotal evidence, this isn’t a great tool for frosted windshields at frigid temperatures but does work well on wet or coastal snow. You can also feel good about your purchase as this product is made in the USA in Upstate New York.

Best Ice Scraper with a Brass Blade

The Better ICE Scraper with a Brass Blade

Many people love an ice scraper with a brass blade and the best one on the market today is The Better ICE Scraper. People love a scraper with a brass blade because it is malleable. The brass blade is made with a patent-pending shape-shifting technology that conforms to your windshield. Essentially, it can bend under the ice, between it and the windshield, to scrape the ice off quickly and cleanly in one easy motion.

Brass is also perfect for windshields because brass is a softer metal than glass. Since it is softer you never have to worry about scratching the glass this way. Even if you make a mistake or get too rough with the scraper you are much less likely to leave behind any noticeable marks when you are using a scraper with a brass blade.

The Better ICE Scraper is nice because the body slopes up allowing you to keep a firm grip on the scraper even with gloves on. It also has plastic teeth on the back for more stubborn stuck on ice. This unit is small enough to keep in your trunk or glove box for easy storage.

Best Snow Broom

The Snow Joe snow broom

A snow broom is good for when you need to remove large amounts of snow from windows and paint. If this sounds like your daily struggle then you may need The Snow Joe. This product works flawlessly and that’s why it is Amazon’s choice and sits as one of the top results with glowing reviews.

This pole extends from 27” to 48”. It features freeze resistant plastic and rubber in the pole grips and the face. The face is 18 inches and made of a hard plastic center covered in soft scratch-proof foam.

This ensures that it is tough enough to move large amounts of snow but won’t scratch your vehicle’s paint or glass. The opposite end of the pole has an ice scraper for more stubborn stuck on ice. It also has LEDs built right into the head for easier use in the dark early morning hours or for use in the evening.

Lastly, and perhaps its best feature is that the pole detaches and breaks down. It can then be clipped onto the back of the head for super easy storage.

Best Electric Heated Scraper

Sharper Image Heated Ice Scraper

If you don’t have the time, energy or muscle to put behind a conventional ice scraper then an electrically heated scraper may be exactly what you need. The Sharper Image Heated Ice Scraper plugs directly into your cars 12 V cigarette socket. It then warms the scraper to make getting rid of snow and ice a breeze.

This electric scraper also features a rubber squeegee to wipe the glass clear when you are done. This does have a cord that can make it a little more cumbersome to use. However, for older people or those without the muscle to scrape this is a great option.

Best Extended Reach Ice Scraper

Hopkins 60" SubZero SnowBroom

For bigger trucks, SUVs or RVs you might need something a little longer than the conventional ice scraper to get your entire windshield. If this is the case then we recommend the Hopkins 60″ SubZero SnowBroom. Hopkins built this snow brush with heavy-duty materials to make it last. It has two large padded grips for easy handling with gloves or when fully extended.

The head features a brush on one end and a rubber blade on the other for easy cleaning. This pole is extra large as it extends out to 60” to make sure that you are able to reach the entire windshield no matter what. It also retracts to only 3 feet for easier storage. The Hopkins snow broom comes with a squeegee on the head and an ice scraper on one end to help you remove and clear ice when needed.

Best Ice Removal Spray

Prestone Windshield De-Icer

If you’re tired of scraping ice and snow and you’re searching for an easier method, then look no further. An ice removal spray might be exactly what you need. Prestone Windshield De-Icer is a Methanol based solution. It will melt snow, ice, and frost on contact and stays to prevent re-icing.

It is also harmless to your cars finish so a little overspray is nothing to worry about. Prestone is also unique as they have designed the head on the can to double as an ice-scraper. Getting off any stubborn chunks if necessary.

This de-icer has amazing reviews from customers as you would expect from a well-known brand like Prestone. While this may not be a very cost-effective solution for everyday use. It is probably something you wouldn’t mind having a can of in the back of your car. This emergency fast ice removal spray could save you from being late to work or an important event.

How to Get Ice Off of Your Windshield Fast!

  1. Turn on your car and set your defrosters to high heat
  2. Brush off any thick snow
  3. If there is thick ice you may use a De-Icing solution
  4. Check to make sure that your windshield wipers aren’t frozen to the glass
  5. Scrape the remaining ice from the glass
  6. Wait until the inside has demisted and you’re ready to go!

Things to Avoid When Defrosting a Windshield!

  1. Never use hot water on your windshield as the thermal shock might crack the glass
  2. Don’t use a De-icer spray unless really needed as it can make the inside take longer to de-mist
  3. Never wipe the inside of the windshield as it can leave streaks that will make it hard to see out of later

Instructional Video

Pro Tip!

For an easier clean every time check out our article on Snow Covers! These are simple sheets that cover your car’s windshield and make sure that snow and ice can’t build up on it while you’re away!