The Best Ways to Reduce Glare While Driving [2023]

Demonstration of what sun glare while driving looks like

Why It’s Important to Block Glaring Light

Everyone knows the pain of driving with a bright light glaring into your eyes. Whether it is the glare from the sun on a bright day or the glare of headlights from oncoming traffic at night. It not only uncomfortable but it can be dangerous as well. It causes eye strain and headaches. Some people also suffer from the traditional sunburst effect from the lights.

In the worst-case scenarios, serious glare from bright light can reduce your vision. Causing a dangerous period of time where you may struggle to see the road in front of you. This is not safe for you as the driver or for those around you. So to enhance your comfort and safety we’ve gone through some of the best options available today for reducing road glare while driving. If you think a simple visor extension may do the trick then you’ll probably enjoy our article on sun visors.

Infographic from the national highway traffic safety council showing how glare reduces reaction times when driving

Easy Ways to Reduce Glare While Driving

  1. Clean your windshield – A dirty windshield can cause light to reflect in multiple directions. This can cause bad glare, even from light that might not be overly bright.
  2. Make sure your glass doesn’t have any cracks – Much like a dirty windshield a crack in your windshield can cause light to scatter. This creates a glaring effect that can impair vision.
  3. Clean your dashboard – A clean dashboard ensure that there isn’t anything that will reflect light up onto the glass causing a hologram that will disrupt your view. Likewise, when cleaning your dashboard you don’t want to use any cleaners that will cause a shine. A shiny dashboard will reflect light up onto the glass causing more glare. Clean your dashboard to a matte finish.
  4. Adjust your mirrors – Making sure that your mirrors are properly adjusted will reduce the likelihood of headlights behind you refracting off of your mirrors and into your eyes. This is not always avoidable as it relies upon other drivers having their headlights properly aligned as well. But for those who do have their headlight properly aligned, this trick will reduce glare.
  5. Make sure that your glasses are cleaned – Just as you need to have a clean windshield you need to have clean glasses and sunglasses as well. If they are dirty or have oil or fingerprints on them then this can potentially cause glare.
  6. Do not look directly into lights – When driving down the road do not look directly into oncoming headlights or bright signs. This can distort your vision and cause headaches. Make sure that you look to the side of the light, allowing yourself to keep the light in your peripheral vision. This way you can still see what is happening but you won’t get blinded by the glare.
  7. Turn off your interior lights – Make sure all of the lights inside of the car are off. When lights are on in the car they refract onto the windshield causing glare and blind spots while driving.


Daytime Visor

Sailead Automatic Installation Polarized Sun Vis

If you mostly suffer from glare issues when driving during the day and you’re looking for a visor to help then the Sailead Automatic Installation Polarized Sun Visor is your best bet. This is a high-quality polycarbonate sun visor that is 60x stronger than glass. It also features full skin and eye protection with its UV400 polarized lens. It is able to block 100% off incoming UV light removing the blinding sun and glare no matter what time of day. With its spring-loaded attachment, angle, and height adjuster, it will be the perfect fit for any car with a quick and easy installation.

Nighttime Visor

Glare Guard Night Driving Visor

If the headlights from oncoming traffic at night gives you headaches and impair your vision then the Glare Guard Night Driving Visor can help. This is a shade that attaches to your driver’s side visor and flips down at night to help block the glare from headlights and street lights. With its advanced polarization technology, it is able to reduce glare and improve visibility of road lines in the rain, snow, or dark. This high-quality polarizing film also blocks 99.9% of all incoming UVA and UVB rays. With its telco straps attachment, it can fit onto any vehicle’s visor and flip-down easily whenever you need it.

Day & Night Driving Visor

Liliongth Anti-Glare Visor

An anti-glare visor is a great way to keep the glare out of your eyes while you drive. The Liliongth Anti-Glare Visor features a double lens design for both day and nighttime driving. The first lens is a dark polarized plastic piece. This not only reduces the amount of light coming into the car but it also reduces the glare from other objects.

The second lens is a yellow/orange plastic piece. This one is made specifically for nighttime driving. It does not lower the amount of visible light but it does reduce the glare from oncoming headlights. Both of these lenses flip down from the driver’s side visor. That way when they are not needed they can be tucked away and out of sight.

Anti-Glare Window Tint

MotoShield Pro - Premium Precut Ceramic Window Tint

Another good option when trying to deal with blinding light while driving is an anti-glare film. MotoShield Pro – Premium Precut Ceramic Window Tint is the perfect place to start. Not only will this tint significantly reduce glare from the sun and snow but it will also greatly reduce the amount of heat that enters your car. This tint can reduce the interior temperature of your car by up to 25 degrees when out in the sun. MotoShield Pro is vehicle specific and custom made to fit your car. This tint will increase privacy will reducing damaging UV and infrared light by 99%. This will also reduce glare by up to 95% when using the darkest level of tint available.

Anti-Glare Sunglasses

Optix 55 Polarized anti-glare Glasses

For an easy and convenient way to reduce glare without adding anything to or modifying your car, you can try the Optix 55 Polarized Glasses. No more wearing crazy looking glasses just so you can drive a little more comfortably. These sunglasses are the classic wayfarer design that everyone loves. They have polarized lenses with a special Revo coating to reduce intense glare. The lenses are yellow so they work perfectly for both day and nighttime driving. Effectively block glare from both the sun and headlights. They have a durable black PC and rubber frame for a lightweight but secure fit. And they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Anti-Glare Sun Shade

Kinder Fluff anti-glare Car Window Shade

We have reviewed this product before and that because we absolutely love it. This is the Kinder Fluff Car Window Shade. It sticks to the window like magic without the need for suction cups or tape. Then it just pulls right down when you are done with it. This shade can be slapped onto any piece of glass to block the sun no matter where it is at. This product is the only certified sunshade proven to block 99.79% of UVA and 99.95% of UVB. It also has a more transparent option available if you feel like you need more visibility. This is cheap and proven effective and fits right in the glove box or seatback pocket for when it’s needed.