The Ultimate Windshield Heater and Defroster [2023]

WarmGuard windshield heater and defroster

The WarmGuard Windshield Heater

The best way to warm and defrost your windshield is without a doubt by using the WarmGuard Car Windshield Defroster & Space Heater. This is the ultimate device to defrost your windshield and warm your car before you even have to step out of the door! This device lays across the dashboard of your car and emits heat to both warm and defrost your windshield. At the same time, it will also warm the inside of your car. And this heater, unlike the competition, works because it uses a 120V cord.

The problem with conventional defrosters is that they plug into the car’s cigarette lighter. Meaning they can only pull as much power as the cars 15amp fuse will allow. Unfortunately, this isn’t much at all, and certainly not enough to defrost your car’s entire windshield. The WarmGuard solves this problem by using a regular three-pronged wall outlet.

This may seem like a pain but the reality is that the products that plug into your cigarette lighter simply cannot and will not ever be able to draw enough power from the car to properly heat the windshield. The WarmGuard has a 3 pronged cable that is meant to be closed in the door. That way you don’t have to worry about leaving your windows or doors open.

WarmGuard windshield heater sitting on a cars dashboard

Then you simply plug in the cord in the morning and let the pad begin heating your windshield and interior. You can leave it unsupervised because it has an internal temperature gauge that monitors the climate. Making sure that the device doesn’t get too hot. It actually maxes out at about 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

It sits at this max temperature as it warms the windshield as well as your car’s interior. Then when you go out you simply unplug the WarmGuard and get into a toasty vehicle. No more windshield scraping or de-icing required! You can get to work on time without manual labor in the mornings. The WarmGuard is also cheaper than idling your vehicle to warm it up because it only costs about 1 cent an hour to operate! Be warm, cut out the work, and help save the planet.

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How to Automate the WarmGuard

My personal recommendation would be to plug the WarmGuard into a Smart Outlet. This would allow you to tell your smart home when to turn it on and off.

This will give you more peace of mind in the mornings knowing that you won’t forget to plug in the mat. You simply wake up and ask the smart outlet to begin sending power to the WarmGaurd defroster. Then when you are ready to leave you can simply unplug the mat and be on your way in a prewarmed vehicle with a crystal clear, defrosted windshield.